Dr Daniel Shepherd

Dr Daniel Shepherd, PhD (Auck)

Daniel received a PhD in psychoacoustics from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, in 2005. He is now employed by the Auckland University of Technology, where he lectures in the Faculty of Health and Environmental Studies. Daniel is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Auckland, where he has researched and taught in the Departments of Psychology, Chemistry, and Audiology.

Daniel's research interests are varied, but typically include the psychological and psychophysiological correlates of sensory processes: Psychoacoustics, Sensory Evaluation, Electrophysiological response to sound, Noise and Health, Retronasal perception.

His current projects are:

  • Retronasal stimuli applied to the assessment of psychopathology;

  • The effect of sound and food on recovery after stress;

  • The relationship between sensory measures and personality;

  • The electrophysiological correlates of noise sensitivity;

  • Intervention effectiveness in the autism spectrum disorder context.

Selected Publications

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